The Reign of Winter

13-8-2013 First Session

The party is drawn together by the town council in Heldren to investigate the sudden onset of winter within the Border Wood, but more so the kidnapping of Lady Argentea Malassene by bandits that reside in the woods. After a brief collection of rumors and a questioning of the Lady’s lone surviving guardsmen, Vuln Oerstag, by Sarenrose and Dhaunirn the party embarked on the six mile trek to the site of the ambush.

At the ambush site the group begins the customary searching of the wreckage. While Sarenrose and Dhaunirn debate just how or why the deceased man frozen in a block of ice lost a hand, Gwah and his boar hear the sounds of possible survivors in an overturned wagon. Upon digging out the door blocked by a snowbank two humanoid creatures are freed from their imprisonment, and promptly fired upon by the gunslinger who was the only one to notice that they were actually undead and in no real need of rescue. An axe musket from Dhaunirn and some positive energy from Liliana promptly ended the threat. Apples were had all around.

Down the trail an hour or so Gwah took the bait on a spiked log trap left by the bandits and destroyed an empty chest in retaliation. When the snow had reached its worst point yet, the party was ambushed from above by an arctic tatzlwyrm. Getting the drop on Liliana, the dragonkin was successful in grappling its prey and reducing her to below zero health. Before it could perform its fatal move of submerging her though, the party dealt a deadly amount of damage.

After retreating to the wagons to rest up for the night and heal their wounds the party started anew the next morning. A few hours down the road they came across a collection of weird fetishes comprised of dead crows hanging from the low branches of the forest. Entering the domain of a trio of winter-touched sprites and drawing their attention, the adventurers are set upon by a flash of tiny darts, staggering Gwah and Sarenrose. The aforementioned have difficulty finding any purchase in their defense while Dhaunirn snipes the miniscule fey from a distance and Liliana frightens another off by setting his perch ablaze.

Not much further down the road they encounter a white stag they herd rumors of in Heldren, one that could speak. After an attempted assault by Gwah over a territory dispute, the rest of the group are able to gleam some information about their quarry and placate the beast with apples.

Following the stag’s directions they arrival at a snowman on the bank of a frozen river with a sign warning trespassers to leave. Gwah, being illiterate, ignores the sign and promptly draws the ire of the snowman and triggers a sound burst trap that also catches Liliana. Attempts to cross the river are poor at best with multiple party members slipping before the plan is devised to take a rope across to give some aid in balancing. Alerted by the sound burst and crashing through the ice by Liliana, two small ice elementals emerge from the depths to defend their stretch of land. Quickly dispersed the party moves on and finds the body of Old Man Dansby on the other bank. They conclude he chased some sprites out here and was killed by the elementals.

A while down the trail Gwah’s boar notices a camp below them on a ridge line. Knowing that Liliana needs to warm up after her fall in the frozen river, the majority of the group approach the campsite looking for aid only to be met with arrows. Once the conflict reaches melee range it is noticable that these are clearly some bandits at a sentry point. Despite a longer than expected game of cat and mouse through the snow, the trio of look outs are easily displaced and the group rests for the night.



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